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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2005|12:55 pm]
Ok, so far I've been accepted by:

-Hollins University
-Virginia Commonwealth University
-American University
-Rollins College
-University of Richmond

I'm still waiting to hear from Washington and Lee, UVA, and Wellesley, but I really think that William and Mary is where I want to be next year. So I'm pretty much set. Now all I have to do is not fail out of high school.

Massanutten was great, although I ate too much and have been dubbed "Fatty Mc Fat-fat" by Caitlan. Thank you, Caity. Also, I have decided that I am going to have an ilicit affair with none other than Mr "spay and neuter you pets" himself, Bob Barker.
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(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2005|09:26 pm]
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|02:18 am]

Its two in the morning on a Wednesday and I'm up making cupcakes from scratch...wtf, Shanna? I also just did my little sister's homework for her despite the fact that I have tons of my own. Yeah...

This is the first time that I have written in the old LJ in over two months. Which is about the same time I stopped doing my school work..interesting. Could this temporary reemergence on the LJ scene mark the beginning of my rededication to school work as well? Perhaps, or perhaps it will only lead to posting nude pictures of myself and becoming the real-life internet slut that the pretend slut in me always aspired to be. We shall see, but for now my cupcakes are done.

p.s. click!

(haha..the "c l" looks like a "d." Ok, I'm going to bed) 

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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2004|08:40 pm]


18, barely legal...thats so hot. I hope you had a great birthday.

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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2004|04:17 pm]
[I'm feeling |cheerfulcheerful]

I have a car!
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2004|10:16 am]
[I'm feeling |weirdweird]

I'm in Gov right now and I really dont want to research whatever it is we are supposed to be researching.

So, todays big news: someone touched my foot in the planetarium. It scared the crap out of me. The entire room was completely dark and all of a sudden someone just grabbed my foot. To be fair, they apologized and explained that they were searching for a dropped pencil, and feet are gross so I doubt that they liked it anymore than I did, but I still feel violated.

Speaking of being violated, the planetarium is the perfect place to mess around with someone in. Unfortunately, I dont know anyone in that class what for to rape. So please, Nate, Shibby, Allison,....anyone really, feel free to come by whenever we are in there third period and I'll make it worth your while(but no feet!).

So far school has been Ok. Latin, Trig, and Astronomy seem easy enough, and I think Lit will be fine. The only class I really see myself doing badly in is AP US and Comparative Gov, its all going way too fast. I want to switch into AP US Gov, but Farzana doesnt and I dont want to just leave her. Besides, there are only a dozen people in the class as it is, and I dont know if the Rappoport would let me drop it. I'm saying this of course because I know how important my schedule is to you all, and how imparative it is that I keep everyone updated.

There is nothing more to write, so I might as well go learn something.
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Jamaica Pictures [Sep. 1st, 2004|08:29 pm]

I just got a bunch of pictures from Jamaica developed, here are a few..


PhotosCollapse )

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you know want to [Aug. 23rd, 2004|03:50 pm]

Save a Horse...

Ride a Cowboy!,

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I'm 17! [Jun. 17th, 2004|08:43 am]
[I'm feeling |sicksick]

So yesterday was my birthday, and thank you everyone for remembering! Except for Tiffany, of all people! but I'm not one to single out someone who crosses me.
Actually, I'm more scared of Tiffany than anyone else, she may be tiny but she's intimidating.

I was supposed to go to the Aerosmith concert yesterday as well, but that didnt work out. First off, I only realized that we were really leaving about an hour before we were set to do so. I called Emily but at that point it was too late to plan it and she has a history test today.

So anyway, my family piled into the car and left a full two hours after we had origionally planned to, got as far as north point, and went back home.  As my dad was putting gas in the car my mom called to say that she got a message from ticketmaster that the concert was canceled. They didnt give a reason, but we're getting a refund for the tickets. So I guess its good that I wasn't able to sell the tickets and that we left so late, we would have been halfway there by the time we got the message.

After that fell through I went out to eat with the family and, even though we had planned to go to a movie afterwards, we decided against it because I'm sick and went home for cheesecake instead. I have no complaints.

Right now I'm in info systems with nothing to do. People are throwing full gatorade bottles around the room trying to hit each other. And the guys next to me are giggling because someone made a joke about going down on some girl. Classy.

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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2004|09:12 am]
How to make a mnkyeta

3 parts success

3 parts self-sufficiency

1 part energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Wait, what?
success? self-sufficiency? energy?

I think not.
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